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At Diamond Rise, we specialize in every aspect of creating custom designs for our customers. We know that just as no two diamonds are alike, no two customers are alike and no two designs are exactly alike.  That’s why we start off with fresh ideas for every ring, earrings, bracelet and necklace we design.

We start to create design to hand crafted of every details to finish the whole processing is in house.  This is the main idea why we are capable of offering our customers the best deal of competitive prices. Our strategy is simple, captivated our customers desires, offer suggestions, intricate pieces without compromising quality.

Please let us know exactly what your hopes and dreams are for your custom jewelry and we will do everything to make it come alive. You deserve only the best and an equal opportunity to captivate everyone’s attention. Here, we can help you to start to creating your enduring work of art and because the only perfect design is one that brings complete joy to your heart.

Please send us the pictures or describe your desired style to“” and we will get back to you with a custom piece estimate as soon as possible.